Jupiter in Sagittarius, in its dignified position, will benefit those that can afford to gamble with others misfortunate, as millions of individuals become vulnerable to uncertainty. And that is throughout the world! With the optimist and overspending signs of a vulnerable market, awareness of global warming, mass migration, and concerns that have been growing too fast for comfort for the world at large, 2019 is consistent of being in the moment … Jupiter, often with a condescending smile will travel in Sag until December 19, 2019. He will then move into Capricorn where we will join Pluto, Saturn and the Moon’s Node in Capricorn/Cancer energies in a strong line-up in 2020. In simplified terms, 2019 is an opportunity for what is to come. Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces points in any chart can grab the opportunistic side of Jupiter in Sagittarius. With keen observation, the good fortune continues to bless those on the resilience path of positive, alternative and healthy living. Jupiter will challenge Neptune in Pisces throughout 2019, January 13, June 16 and September 21. With the right tool in hand for a change, the Visionary and Warrior observe these dates and are reminded that the two sides of any coin, i.e. planet will allow positive change manifest since Jupiter is the most beneficial position in the Astro Lingo … With our inner awareness that we have come far in our own personal healing, we notice the shift of consciousness in others, and we can find Peace in the Chaos. The outer controlling factors will have to be somehow ignored but contained in our daily walks of the Lives that we have created

Saturn in Capricorn also dignified entered Capricorn in 2008 and will stay in mid-degrees of 20 to 22 throughout 2019. Saturn governs the timing and it’s a matter of time before the …wall comes down. Governments and any type of control from outer sources become crucial throughout 2019. Capricorn has a busy year ahead with Cancer, Aries, and Libra following the trail of co-dependency. We will find individuals to stand up for basic human rights and continue to protest! Mars in Aries square Saturn January 21 (13º47) which connects to a Total Bloody Lunar Eclipse (0º52) the same day. The fight between Mars, Saturn (and at times Pluto) is a powerful transit and is repeated on October 27, 2019. It indicates resistance against authorities with protests throughout the world at large. This Eclipse ends the Leo/Aquarius Eclipse Season that started in 2018. Any type of Leo/Aquarius or Cancer/Capricorn points in any chart will realize karmic connotations of endings.

The Moon’s Nodes changed to Capricorn South Node and Cancer North Node on November 7, 2018. The United States has a natal 12º (or 13º) Cancer which intensifies the various challenges observed ‘lately’. The US’s chart will have its share of hard transits for the next two years. No doubts! January of 2019 will set the stage for the year to come… Saturn will conjunct and oppose the Nodal Axis (Capricorn/Cancer) on April 30, July 4, and September 25 which will manifest with Governments, break-downs of old patterns, and force new visionary regulations manifest. The first Eclipse of the year, on January 5th, is a Solar Eclipse at 15º25 in Capricorn, those in charge will be on the front-line and news. Individual charts and personal emotions will overflow, many will be frozen on their personal path and situations. Eclipses are based on oppositions of either the Sun or the Moon – this Eclipse effect the natal chart of the US and will start the clarification of karmic implication of the ‘past versus the future’.

Pluto continues its slow cleansing, clearing and often deadly path of metamorphic challenges in 20º through 22º degrees during 2019 and has spoken loud and clear since he entered Capricorn in 2008. Pluto, the God of the Dark Side of humanity will not be finished with his purification process until 2024! His message of destruction has already affected thousands of various issues that even the climate denials individuals are waking up to – if ever so slowly – to the fact that Mother Earth is hurting, and we all must participate in this cleansing ritual!

Neptune in Pisces indicates a necessary path of faith, spirituality and the necessary and humanitarian task of helping someone in need. Those who choose the road of ignorance, denial, addiction or abuse will find themselves more confused or lost in an illusionary state. The 2019 message is to make choices, at times a touch of selfishness. Not the kind of thinking of only myself but rather the fact of taking care of the Self so that we might be able to stay alert during a situation of alarm, an accident or a natural disaster. When situations in the world don’t make sense, we have the right to escape into our Meditation Cave, the Yoga mat, walk in nature and spend more time with family and friends with its comfort it gives. Jupiter challenges Neptune, January 13, April 27, September 14 and 21, we notice why the science of meditation is not selfish or an escape mechanism but rather a tool of survival! The hope, the persistence, and endurance of the visionaries is the faith of the Waters understood as cleansing its garbage – even if we must wait until 2026 which is when Neptune stations in Aries. Check out and follow the link  www.theoceancleanup.com  

Uranus moved into Taurus late 2018, changed direction back into Aries – to remind the deniable folks that we are in these Global issues together. Uranus will station in Taurus on a Pisces New Moon day on March 6, 2019. Mother Earth will speak loud again and remind us that we have new resources, visions and necessary integration of the scientist and the visionary working together. So, this is a seven years cycle to be concluded in ….2025.

With the Collective prayers, protests, endurance, and faith in those that govern not only yours, our children and grandchildren, as well as those that govern us will understand that the Plan of Earth can be restored. So, keep that positive thought in 2019, even if we have to make the harsh realities into a Smile – not the denial, but the real process that this Earth is also in a state of healing…