About Agneta

Agneta Borstein, born in Sweden moved to the United States in 1977. She incorporated her BA in business with metaphysics through a successful alternative bookstore for twenty-one years. Agneta obtained a degree as a Draftswoman as well from Sweden – allowing math and ‘space’ become an integrated part of her view and understanding of connections between thoughts and reality.

Agneta has lectured, and presented workshops at numerous National Conferences and for local groups. Her merging of Astrology and Shamanism is popular and well received with topics such as:

* A Retreat Weekend: Building your Spiritual Support
* Incorporating Astrology with the Four Elements
* Journey to Your Planetary Powers
* The Myth of the Moon’s Nodes
* Tracking the Moon’s Nodes
* December 21, 2012 – Merging with the Winter Solstice and the Global Shift
* Facilitated Spring, Summer and Winter Solstice Gatherings for many Years

Agneta Borstein wrote numerous articles on Astrology and Shamanism, and appears on Radio and TV. You will find some of her publications under “Articles”, and her Blog will inform you of current planetary changes and cycles at this webpage. Agneta is the Producer and Host of “From the Sky to Earth” at nutmegtv.org. You will find her shows under Video.

Borstein believes that our success in life shows though our personal involvement with our inner commitment to our Spiritual Path. Her personal Sadhana began through The Siddha Yoga Meditation path in 1976 in Malmö, Sweden. In America, she volunteered as an MC during weekly meditation for many years, and was able to spend time at Ashrams in Ganeshpuri, India and South Fallsburg, New York for extended periods.

After many years as a professional astrologer, Agneta merged her education in Advanced Shamanism and Advanced Healing (from Foundation for Shamanic Studies) into her private practice, workshops, and lectures with her AstroShamanic approach. She was a Past President of the Astrological Society of Connecticut and an ongoing Board Member. Her commitment to her inner search for the Self has allowed her lift to unfold with a balanced personal life as a wife, mother of three children, and a proud Nana!

Agneta’s deep interest of the Moon’s Nodes and the connection to a deeper sense of the Astrological Birth Chart allows an individual to integrate their daily living with practical applications. The Soul and Spirit have the opportunity to merge during a life time with unlimited potentials for success, happiness and Love for Life.