July-August 2018

During the summer of 2018, the Sky will brace us with Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars in Retrograde, eclipses must show their strength and the feisty Mars will Retrograde with three teasing meetings… Hot Stuff!

June 13, 22 Gemini 44, New Moon For those that have no clue of how to stay focused with a trained mind during catastrophes around the corner, or those that allow daily news, fake or real ones get on their nerves will have an unbelievable summer. The Mantra to repeat is ‘stay calm, stay calm’, and the breath of Life will support us.

June 18, Neptune SR, 16 Pisces 29 (until November 24), which means the illusionist Neptune join Jupiter (the Big God) Saturn (the one pretend to control us), and Pluto (the one that literally attempts to kill us) is in Retrograde motion. Together they are stagnated and irritating forces that will not move forward – if at all until fall of 2018. Summing those Gods together indicates more metamorphic challenges are at the forefront of the world at large. Thus, we remember to the take deep breaths in, focus for a moment, and then release the tensed breath, say ‘Thank God, I am still here’, repeat over and over … it helps!

June 21, Summer Solstice, When the Sun stands still for a moment on the Equator we can find the stillness in our heart and show a moment of thankfulness of being part of the planetary shifts occurring at this time of our lives. We might show our appreciation of our achievements of healing and perseverance of continuing hope, faith, and Love for our personal insistence of seeing the Sunrise and set every day. Especially today … and every day as we dance the dance called ‘life’ … Venus opposes Mars, hope for action and love … unless you don’t get the flowers or what you thought you would get, then ‘break-up-time’. The Nodal Axis of North Node in Leo, moving toward the heart, and the South Node in Aquarius, leaning toward what feels right, with Venus and Mars still brushing close to the two intimate planets, will demand the heart to speak and the karmic pattern will be the answer. Do or Don’t!

June 26, Mars SR at 9 Aquarius 13 (until August 19). Mars raises blood pressure when confronted or in search of a fight, those obsessed with the gym early in the morning will be late a few times. Don’t give up, we will get there eventually! Look for a healthy smoothie on the go rather than too much caffeine!  Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and the Taurus energies should be cautious with unusual and unexcepted propositions of any kind! Uranus, the unpredictable thunder God challenged Mars on May 16, 2018, and will meet again on August 1, and September 18. We should be prepared to assist in situations occurring around ourselves and others. For examples, the first meeting in May between Uranus and Mars created an unusual weather pattern, the Hawaiian island and little Connecticut where I live experienced extremely unusual tornadoes. Uranus entered Taurus on May 15 with his 7 years of reminding, forcing and educate those resisting Climate Warming of its reality in Earth sign Taurus, Gaia will speak louder until heard! The three Mars/Uranus encounters of May 15, August 1, and September 18 will be remembering with respect of humanities destruction, yet, will educate those in denial! Hopefully…

June 28, Full Moon, 6 Capricorn 28. Oppositions attract confrontations, especially during the Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon, always the time to release stored up emotions, and it is beneficial to let it all hang out … let it go! USA’s is a Cancer country, some tears are dried up, as many are reacting with frozen emotions (a Capricorn trade).

July 5, Chiron SR in 2 Aries 25 (until December 2018). A crucial reminder about the alternative healing influence in the health of many individuals. Chiron opened its healing opportunities in Pisces from January 2012 until April 17, 2018. It is not too late for the necessary integration of healing of body, mind, and soul of our lives, but in Aries, we must allow the courage of the #metoo# or, the therapist, the shaman or your friend be allowed to be expressed with utmost courage and self-awareness!

July 10, Jupiter SD 13 Scorpio 20. Beneficial for some, continuing scandals for the rest. Jupiter in Scorpio forced secrets too scandalous for many to handle, but Jupiter allowed the hidden tails to come out in the open. Jupiter will continue to reveal matters from the past – and the future in this manner until he moves into Sagittarius on November 8, 2018. Justice will speak louder in the Fall and will be served accordingly. Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo are most vulnerable to be noticed in the news!

July 12, Solar Eclipse, 20 Cancer 41. This New Moon Eclipse starts an Eclipse Season of Cancer/Capricorn presence lasting until July of 2020. USA’s Zodiac sign is Cancer which we understand as a sensitive, homey, caring and emotional sign. The current state of affair of the USA and its current representatives are crucial during the next years. This is not the place to speculate the impact these eclipses will have on the US – which extends to the world at large and will change. Tears and emotions will overflow even through those that never show their most inner vulnerable personalities. Sad images might emerge, thus, those with the ability to prepare with their past, present and future ability to help themselves so that they can aid those in need will be prominent!

August 1, Mars challenges Uranus at 2º Aquarius/Taurus degrees. So, we manage to stand up for our rights. Gaia is hurting and observing devastating outbreaks through natural disasters. Violent behavior is the norm for some. Many are praying for peace and are actively demonstrating and revolting current establishments of dishonesty, corruptions, and manipulations. It leaves the revolutionary individuals the right to stand up and be noticed …

August 7, Uranus station R 2º Taurus 33’ in Taurus – days of unrest and uncertainty – that is for sure. Again, those that have paid attention to personal healing and endurance will notice the forward notion and count their blessings.

August 11, New Moon Solar Eclipse, 18º Leo 41’. This eclipse brings us back to the Great American Eclipse of August 21 of 2017 and will be wide open for us to receive understanding, compassion, and empathy for our own heart (Leo) and be able to share it with humanity (Aquarius). Emotions will run high with Mars in Aquarius still in Retrograde and uncomfortably close to the South Node always indicating hidden anger, unresolved issue boiling over at times in uncontrollable rage. Intimacy if agreed upon might let off the steam, long walks or a cold shower is also helpful. Leo, the Fire sign has a line-up of the North Node, always striving to be noticed, Mercury, also Retrograde noticeable close to the Eclipse degree will exhaust many. The 18 degree Eclipse in Leo affects the natal Gemini Ascendant USA chart with an 18 degree, Moon, tariffs closing in on countries will cause delays on both sides of the riff, the emotions (Moon) will become stronger around the Eclipse, the Moon is the subconscious of individuals of a country or group. What to do? Become stronger in basic individual beliefs – of course, the right direction and road taken!

August 19, Mercury SD 11º Leo 31’. Give your Self a day, two or three to come back the reality that we all seek. News, images, and impact on many people’s lives will be discussed, felt and confusion is in the headlines. Moving forward!

August 19, Jupiter trine Neptune 15º Scorpio/Pisces 36’.
Did you notice the trine of Jupiter (good luck charmer) and Neptune (what is reality versus illusion?) on May 25? Didn’t think so! The Sky makes sure that those that look within, sit still in meditation and take care of their Selves has the audacity to believe that all matters will end up with marvelous results … miracles still occur, don’t they?

August 26, Full Moon 3º Pisces 12’. Stay clear and focused on personal goals, continue to be persistent and never give up hope for the future. We must have the tools within our own system to be ready for the unexpected news around us, within us is the personal security that this summer made us aware of.

August 27, Mars SD 28º Capricorn 36’. Since Mars return to his home base every other year, those most affected by this cycle, especially Cancer and Capricorn energies will be relieved within a week or so … easy does it and if you felt that you were frozen in time since Mars SR on June 23 … say it like it is! Mars is not about fighting the wars, but rather standing up for basic human rights so that wars never happen. If it felt like a war was going on in your life, rewound, speak up again, keep your cool, but express your anger with honesty and great composure toward those that repressed you!

We are here on Earth to live and observe our lives and incorporate the messages of self-worth into our daily living. Our Essence, our ultimate Selves are always available to protect us, support and love our process of individuation. We are blessed to still be here and be able to remember the Breath of Life …every day! And with that ‘said’, we can enjoy the summer of 2018 in Hot or Cold weather … we know for certain that this summer will be interesting and challenging months, yet, we will also notice that the flowers are blooming, vegetables are still growing, and we appreciate small little signs as hope and faith. Those that pay attention to the Sky and bring it to Earth, are the ones that might be able to support those in need – and as they say, when you are instructed as the plane takes off “put your own mask before you attempt to help others”! So, we do, and we are ready to enjoy the summer with family, friends, and neighbors – unconditionally!