Lund’s Cathedral is Still Standing
April 25, 2020

Lund’s Cathedral is still standing strong in the middle of Lund, a southern University town of Sweden. The history of the church dates to 1104 with an unfortunately damaged through a fire in 1234 to be rebuilt … in …. The Astronomical Clock was built in 1424, to later be stored away for many years. With great passion two craftsmen restored the clock in 1923, the 800 anniversaries of the Cathedral with information dates up to 2123. It will survive!

The amazing clock consists of three parts. The top show the Sun hand with 24 hours for one revolution, the Moon’s hand makes a revolution under 25 hours, a small sphere shows the phases of the Moon. In the middle, the Virgin Mary has seated on a throne with baby Jesus. A procession of seven wooden figures appears around the Virgin Mary twice a day.

The lower part is a rather unusual calendar consisting of name days, a Swedish tradition still practices to this date. The method of determine the day of the week for any date – up to 2123 is amazing. Around this detailed informative calendar, a wooden frame consists of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Cronos sits on a chair with his pointer in the upper left corner. Chronos, the ancient Greek God, Saturn governs time and cyclical movements. Saturn is the Lord of Time!

In addition, this detailed clock shows the Summer and Winter Solstices as well as the Equinoxes in Lund, Sweden. It is not international …

In the middle of the lower part stands Saint Lawrence, the Saint of the Cathedral. As Saints often did it in the mid-third century, Lawrence distributed the church’s income to the poor in Rome. His action is until the mission of Lund’s Cathedral concerns for Humanity today.

I continue to have the great habit of visiting this special Church when I visit my country of origin. I sit down, meditate, contemplate for some time and admire this masterpiece of the Astronomical Clock. I remember and respect the Sky’s images in the early 11th Century, which was incorporated into daily lives then, as it is today!

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