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September 1, (Solar/New Moon Eclipse), and September 16 (Lunar/Full Moon Eclipse) in the axis of Virgo and Pisces. Let’s take a look at the New Moon Eclipse, (5:03 AM, EDT) first. The Sun/Moon is in opposition to Neptune which promise interactions with others, misunderstandings will occur. Sun/Moon conjunct North Node is the necessary steps toward healing and understanding our involvement with emotions versus power struggles. With Jupiter (still in Virgo) and Mercury conjunct, there will be confusion with words flying off the wall … easy does it! Gemini and Sagittarius points will have challenging days, so count your degrees and be aware – praying helps!


September 9,

The trickster guy Jupiter moves into Libra, the peace seeking sign can cause a certain friction together with Jupiter, who can’t be trusted. Those that have the good luck charmer Jupiter well placed, and deserve a bonus, or a raise, you will get it! Some will fall in Love way too fast! Jupiter will approach Pluto, forming a square in November – after the November 8th US election. ‘Who’, you might ask, ‘is the winner’? Hillary Clinton … just saying!


September 10,

Saturn (government, control, bosses and discipline) square Neptune (illusion, water, and spirituality).  Let’s make sure to take one day at a time and show gratitude over our safety and comfort! The connection of ‘then’ and the ‘now’ is to understand that our achievements are noted. Saturn and Neptune met before in November of 2015, and on June 18, 2016, so, those that continue walking their path will benefit by looking within and outside their reality and life – unconditionally. The reality (Saturn) continue attempt to make sense out of confusion (Neptune), and those impressions are … chaotic on many and all levels! Oh, not in Your life? Great!


September 16,

This Eclipse (3:05 PM, EDT), shows Mercury in Virgo involved (still in Retrograde) with the message of honesty, integrity and commitment to clarity. The Sun and the North Node in Virgo allows us to gaze into the future and realize how irritating our opinions might sound to others – especially our political views – and we retreat into our own words and we keep quiet … Neptune, Chiron and the Moon in Pisces, with the South Node allows us to dwell deeper into our abyss of work, socializing, the Yoga mat, the commitment to our Sadhana (spiritual practices), and that Self within that watches, listens, and speaks the truth, as the observer advise us in our dream, sleep, contemplation, or driving down the high-way! A Wise Sage once said, “everything is Karma” … it is our goal to surrender and appreciate our daily prayers and hope for Peace in our Hearts, and the World. That is the practical and personal application to the Eclipses, in addition, Eclipses doesn’t occur without the involvement of the Moon’s Nodes. These Nodes, ‘knots’, are woven together in our subconscious manifested by our awareness of who we are ‘becoming’. The intersection of the path of the Moon, intersect with the Sun’s path around the Earth. The Sun and the Moon requires to be lined up within a certain degree to cause an Eclipse, which then allow the Moon (Soul) and the Sun (Spirit) interact accordingly, i.e. we become conscious of our own actions and reactions.


Chiron, the ultimate assistance in crisis as well as those daily ‘miracles’, is supportive in Pisces during the month of September. Chiron is close in degree during both Eclipses which allow those that seek solitude greater healing!


The power of the last time Saturn square Neptune late fall 2015 and spring of 2016 shows us the intensified facts of the Global shifts of migrant in the millions into countries claiming to welcome them, an offensive USA presidential election with controversial, racist, and not political ethical manners challenging from the Saturn/Neptune square. We have to honor Earth and understand the punches from the Sky to Earth, unavoidable earth-quakes, and harsh weather condition are all inter-twined with the four Elements still under pressure to show us who they are …


Check your astrological chart and notice where the below planets are travelling to the end of 2016. Jupiter in Libra, 4 – 16 degrees, Saturn in Sagittarius, 11 – 17 degrees, Uranus in Aries, 24 degrees, 20 – 24 degrees, Neptune in Pisces, 9 – 10 degrees, Pluto in Capricorn, 15 degrees, and Uranus in Aries, 20 – 24 degrees.