©Agneta Borstein

Many of you have asked me about the current uncertainty with the COVID-19 challenge, the planetary picture, and how long these challenging times might last? This is my attempt to share the Sky’s images, and, as you know that this too shall pass … just not right now! Many of you know that I observe the Sky in my neutral Swedish manner, well, as much as situations allow me, but with the tension, the verbal abuse in the streets and governments, this is my honest observation as an Astrologer and I hope to convey the next six months to the best of my … observation and not judgment. Let us leave the political agenda out for this moment and focus on staying alive!

As I read the Swedish newspaper and listen to my Swedish relatives’ reality, without masks, I notice their increased concern of the COVID, and some authorities are suggesting that perhaps a mask could be a solution. They do implement the distance protocol, many have worked from home for months, travel restriction comes and goes, and the news is that many Swedes will work from home during this fall. This is a new virus, thus, none of the scientists, doctors, governments, and with respect to all of them around the world, do not know the outcome or when a cure will be found and safe. When social media and its laymen, even yours and my friends tend to know the answers, where are the proofs of who is right or wrong? Does our freedom of choice linger within our own created life circumstances matter? Are you free enough to make your personal choices?

Astrology is observing three major cycles during 2020, the one that was and still is the most concerning is the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. My reaction in the Fall of 2019 as I researched the two planets depicting differences in personalities and actions, is still strong in my mind, my voice was loud, ‘people will die, or kill each other’… Jupiter, the well-liked big and often enthusiastic God travels in one sign for one year, now in Capricorn until the end year, he is not a happy camper in Capricorn since he is stopped in his track. He shows signs of manipulation, over-bearing personality, pretentious, and not always honest, which is the other side of the God that charms us all.

My reaction is authentic since Pluto, also in Capricorn, the small, yet significant power-planet represents the force of deadly consequences. Pluto opens channels of fear, manipulation, and confrontations of uncomfortable issues. He also invites purification, honesty, metamorphic challenges that support the appreciation of life itself, and Pluto promises re-birth!

Jupiter and Pluto came together for the first out of the three conjunctions on April 2, 2020, again on June 30th and will not give up their message until November 12th, 2020, they are following a 13-year cycle. This is where astrology and the language of ‘As Above, So Below’ become a reality of the current observation of the world at large. The sea of the coronavirus sweeps through the Globe, yet other issues are at play, to mention a few, ecological, economical, systemic racism, increase of world-hunger, (including the US), millions of refugees, and the list keeps growing. Jupiter will meet Saturn, still in Capricorn for the rest of 2020, they will travel in Retrograde until mid-September. which causes delays, and frustrations, so, calls out for patience. The two planets will meet at 0º00 in Aquarius on December 21, 2020, during the Winter Solstice in attempt to move forward. Jupiter, the Big God, and Saturn, the Control God, meet in a 20-year cycle, and here’s the reminder, bring out your history book, counting down, 2020, 2000, 1980, 1960, 1940, 1920, 1900. The Spanish Flu at the end of 1919 lasted until 1921. Most astrologers foresaw a recession at the end of 2020, and we are still waiting for the domino effect this pandemic has caused, with signs of depression, a word that I prefer never to use!

Where do we find a sense of peace as the separation of opinions, realities and daily lives are in a state of confusion, disagreement, anger, and prolonged uncertainty continue to raise throughout our Globe? The uncertainty is not only caused by the COVID challenge, but inequality on many and perhaps all level of society, the power of control, and our trust in our ruling governments have become more than challenging. The November 12th date is the ‘last’ of the hope of the virus dying down and the Holidays will not be what we are used to. We must remember the Light within …

This planetary observation might be a synthesis of how we need to go within for the next few months, increase our awareness of the breath of life, some will be able to work again, and we thank those that put their lives in arms way! The opinions of the common folks and the numerous authoritative departments are researching when this cycle, this uncertainty or deadly virus traveling throughout the world will end. Does Astrology lean toward an answer, and what do we know for sure? We know for sure that we cannot take back time, this unfortunate situation cannot reverse, the sweep of the physical, emotional, economic, and ecological trace through the world is a fact. The spring of 2021 might be to be a world-wide cure for COVID-19, and perhaps distributed – with its results contradicted and questionable. But Spring will arrive!

History repeats itself, as the planetary movements, become a tool of repetitions of cycles that are traveling in exquisite patterns that we often prefer to avoid. At this moment of time, we cannot avoid this metamorphic situation since our current cycles are still speaking, and rather loud!

There are places on earth that show signs of purification process occurring when there are fewer cars on the roads, less planes flying in the sky, ozone layers decreasing, dolphins swimming more freely, animals roaming our streets. How about Sundays for a quiet time? Store closed, family spending more time together, yes, I believe in a brighter future for my children and grandchildren! There is an increased awareness of why this beautiful earth needs purification. Personally, I find ways to continue support my visions for a cleaner Earth, my passion is the Water Element, I support www.oceancleanup.com), and I believe in the Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, no, not only because she is Swedish … but she forces governments around the world to listen to brilliant scientists. What is your passion?

When and if we take those beneficial deep breaths and observe Jupiter and Pluto coming together again in November, we respect the language of the Sky. Humanity surrender to patience, kindness, consideration for others, and know that the more we resist this challenging state of our Globe, the outcome will benefit every human being, and there will be a sense of hope for the future. This is where our understanding of patience faith and the fact of our current diminishing natural resources can shift to a more holistic vision.

We must also be aware of Mars in Retrograde which is a natural cycle, as he moves in backward motion every two years, this time in his own domain of Aries. That is one reason why we take care of our bodies and care for those nerves, anger, frustration, and be aware that other folks might simply ‘lose their minds’! The way to defends us from the fiery Mars is to take those walks, do a dance, even if it is by yourself, try the gym, if it’s open, but make sure to stamp those feet, the protester is a beneficial way out, but be careful of who you come against… He stations Retrograde on September 9 and moves Direct on November 13. Remember that November 12th date of the Jupiter and Pluto meeting? Mars will irritate or be noticeable courageous from June 29th until January 6, 2021. The warrior tends to heat up issues, so, let’ take it down a notch, and be aware of his beneficial personality of constructive energies!

We are mid through this COVID-19 challenge, and it makes me sad, not angry about the disagreements, confusing news – whether fake or true, disbeliefs about a cure and at times if there even is a pandemic. It is not for me to judge, pretend to know the answers to this situation, but my faith and respect for astrology allows me to understand my decision to stay safe rather than sorry! Freedom of choice is a tool and we have the right to protest, resist, and react accordingly. I get that! My deep desire for freedom within my true essence of implementation of astrology, yoga, shamanic disciplines, supporting and counseling clients, observing the Global shifts, and respecting its messages allows my freedom to be authentic.

The Masters insist that all matters are derived from karma, fate and destiny and we have to understand this concept, unless you are opposed to ‘what comes around goes around’, then you need to wake up to this new reality of a New World. The Moon’s Nodes are the intersections of the path of the Moon and that of the Sun. The North Node, moving forward with a new vision, as of May 5, 2020, in Gemini, and the South Node, in Sagittarius, often stuck in old manners and might clarify the lack of communication and solutions most governments has had to fight against this very real pandemic throughout the world. You are part of the solution of adjusting your life to metamorphic new solutions inside and around your very existence, enjoying every day that you are still walking this Earth!

As I am ending this observation of the planets, I will share one political observation about the current US president. My specialty in astrology is the Moon’s Nodes, the North Node moving toward a better future, and learning from past mistakes, (South Node), changed signs on May 5, 2020, into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Without a prediction and awareness of censorship, this movement into this Gemini president’s 10th house of the public, reputation, work, communication, and what has been hidden are often revealed, the Churning Process of his past or his present reputation is at stake, and extremely vulnerable. He has the Moon in Sagittarius, placed in the house of home, the mother, we get a glimpse into who raised him, and that 1 million dollars might not create a president that will be honored in future history books. The eclipses on November 30 (8º Gemini 38’) and December 14 (23º Sagittarius 08’) suggests that he is out of a ‘job’. Depending on what rating numbers you trust, the November 12th Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will cause more than challenges, Mercury tries to move Direct (i.e. out of his Retrograde phase since October 13th) on November 3, 2020, the US election day, which is the not only our astrological observations, but common sense with the controversial issues already known! It creates a mess no matter what side of the spectrum you have chosen, just make sure to Stay Safe, Please Stay Healthy, and Sane!