The Moon’s Nodes: Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind [Paperback]

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The Moon’s Nodes – Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind, written by Agneta, show her vast knowledge of the Moon’s Nodes, and the connection to a deeper sense of the Astrological Birth Chart, which allow an individual to integrate their daily living with practical, as well as spiritual applications. The Soul and Spirit have the opportunity to merge during a life time with unlimited potentials for success, happiness and Love for Life.


1 review for The Moon’s Nodes: Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind [Paperback]

  1. agneta

    “If you ever wondered how Hindu mythology relates to your life, consider the connections that Agneta Borstein makes in her new book The Moon’s Node: Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind. Her insights into human relationships and the growing pains of the soul come straight from the Vedic astrological traditions, where gods, goddesses, and demons figure as natural forces in the form of planets and other points that take an active role in our lives.

    What sets this book apart from the crowd (of other Node books) is its unique approach, which blends Eastern and Western astrology and mythology. As a Swedish-born American student of Hindu spirituality, she is uniquely positioned to explain the mythology behind the nodes to Westerners.

    Even if you know no astrology at all, the author makes the nodes accessible and interesting through both Hindu and Western mythology and the stories of well-known people. This is where Agneta Borstein shines”

    Reviewed by Miriam Klamkin
    The Mountain Astrologer

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