Winding down 2016 …

The continuing explosion with protests and unrest will persist throughout the end of the year. Others will celebrate a victory of ‘change’. Note the crucial meetings between Jupiter in Libra – with Uranus and Pluto having the opportunity to be heard with their revolutionary voices (Uranus) and metamorphic demands (Pluto). November 24, and December 26 of 2016 will attest to the unrest, yet with the hope for justice to prevail. Thus, the Thanksgiving conversations should not be politics but rather the unconditional Love and support for each family members, friends, neighbors and country. The Gemini Full Moon on December 13, 2016 will attest to the protests, the consistence of activists, and clarifications of a state of confusion. And then we start to prepare for the Holidays and ask for forgiveness …


The prediction of the US presidential election leaned by most noted Astrologers, and half of the US population, if not the world, toward Hillary Clinton. Most individuals seemed to believe she would become the First Female US President. Not so … as we now understand that the Popular vote went to Clinton, but not the out dated system of Electoral College Electors. Thus, the predictions and anticipations were not totally wrong, and, as we know, the World is still stunned! Protesters are suggesting the rules and regulations of the old Electoral vote system should change. Too late? We are looking at some strong opposing factors from the Sky – let’s keep praying … we should never stop!

We are now closing 2016, a most intense and unusual year throughout the world, but especially when the magnitude and effect of the choice of the President Elect, Mr. Trump ripped throughout the Globe. I will not linger with personal observations, but rather the astrological implications of how the rest of the year 2016 will unfold. Here, harsh words will be avoided, facts of the Sky show us two sides to the coin/planet at all times when we observe the Sky, and choices are still being made. What do you say to your neighbor? Be careful, and make sure to smile!

The infamous two planets, Uranus and Pluto are joined by Jupiter, the Good God but with a hidden trickster within his fast moving personality.Jupiter travels in Libra from September 10, 2016 through October 11, 2017. He is often associated with expansion, over-indulgence and infidelity … however, he is the charmer and manage to fool most around him. As Uranus and Pluto began to ‘separate’ in spring of 2016, Jupiter now irritates with his enormous magnitude – he is – after all, the largest planet of them all! That is of concerning as the Sky is in awe of the magnitude of un-rest throughout the world. No matter what opinion might be in our Hearts, the voices are heard loud and clear …

The following indicates the continuing vulnerability of the transits for the end of 2016, and moving us into 2017. Please note the Fire Trine created between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. The Trine allows the alternative seeking Souls to continue their path and break down complex systems to allow new visions flourish and expand as it has for many years. You know who you are! The holistic approach has become a standard on many menus throughout our daily lives, and efforts are being noted.
Saturn always represent governments, borders (breaking down as well as building them), control, and so much more! He also governs foundations, maturity, rules and regulations, discipline, and success.

November 14,
Super-Duper Full Moon, Taurus (8:52 AM, EST), Its all about the Moon, the Moon …

November 18,
Heads are turning, people are confused – nothing new!
November 19,
We might feel Love in the air – just a little bit!
November 21,
Sun enters Sagittarius – joined by Saturn, watch the time ticking.

November 22,
Some will speak up because they need and deserve to be heard – others continue to be silent.

November 23,
Watch your tongue … but we always believe in speaking the truth.

November 24,
Thanksgiving Day in the US …
Jupiter square Pluto, Venus conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter … can we please be courteous and kind to each other? Many folks are not happy campers!
(Jupiter continues to challenge Pluto, March 30, and August 4 of 2017)

November 29,
New Moon, Sagittarius (7:18 AM, EST)
A phone call to make up from the Thanksgiving Turkey dinner is appropriate!


December 2,
Action is in order and some folks might be heard.

December 3,
Action and discipline always pays off … get off the couch!

December 13,
Full Moon in Gemini, (7:05 PM, EST) A completion will be handed to you – and the world!

December 19,
Mercury station Retrograde in Capricorn, let’s get those bills paid before this period lasting to January 8, 2017 is over. Shopping done … head on straight.

December 21,
Winter Solstice, (5:45 AM, EST). Blessings to the Season of Lights.

December 24,
Saturn trine Uranus … to be continued with unconditional Love for those that seek persistence, eagerness for independence (no matter what is in the Stars).

December 25,
Venus is good to humanity with contacts to Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn – step out of the chaos and enjoy a walk in nature, meditation and acceptance of those around us.

December 26,
Jupiter oppose Uranus … we believe in celebrating Life, but opposing forces can be too strong, to be continued on March 2, and September of 2017.

Here are some basic key-words for the planets in action now and always!!!

Uranus in Aries,
Challenge, revolution, explosion, uncertainty
Beneficial, liberation, freedom, inventions

Saturn in Sagittarius,
Challenge, government control, travel restrictions, forced new laws
Beneficial, break-through of control, increased security, infrastructure

Jupiter in Libra,
Challenge, unrealistic goals, fanaticism, over-expansion
Beneficial, hope for the future, romance in the air, business opportunities

Pluto in Capricorn,
Challenge, death, transformation, corruption
Beneficial, birth cleansing, faith

Neptune in Pisces,
Challenge, deception, drugs, alcohol, dissolve
Beneficial, dream, spirituality, film, music

Chiron in Pisces,
Challenge, escapism, denial, resistance
Beneficial, healing, intuitive development, Nirvana

North Node in Pisces,
Challenge, confusion, persistence, goal seeker
Beneficial, letting go, clarification, confrontation

South Node in Virgo,
Challenge, disagreement, unnecessary wars, anarchy
Beneficial, surrender, peace, democracy.

For you that have supported the AstroShamanic Observations since 2012 – Thank You!
Not to get too personal, but here is my take on the presidential elections … Being born in the neutral country of Sweden, it took me 29 years to become an American Citizen. Why? Because I thought it was rather strange to elect a ‘movie’ star for a president and the general platform of the requirement to become a leader of a country with 380 millions citizens was ‘foreign’ to me. As president Bush was re-elected in 2004, it was obvious to me that I had to cast my vote … and so I did, but kept my dual citizenship … Now, can I please reverse back to my Neutral State? Not so, but I had hoped that a President of one of the strongest countries in the world should require a Resume with a direct link to a government position, or have a firm understanding of the various levels to govern a country. One matter that I have observed is the addition of two new parties on the Ballots. That is actually the future visions as now the USA might understand that only two parties creates a conflict between ‘black/white’ or ‘republican/democrat’… and so the Story continues!

With Love,