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Merge with the Winter Solstice & Stillness Within

Saturday, December 21,  2019
6 to 8 pm
$30 on Eventbrite | $35 at the door

Bridge Healing Arts Center |  504 Main Street | Farmington, CT

When the Sun stands still for a moment during the evening of December 21, 2019, it opens an opportunity to be still for a moment and listen deep within our own Self. You will be a part of finding that moment of Stillness in our Circle benefiting your own reality, those around you and the Globe.

During this winter Solstice event, you will experience the following:

• Invocation of the Sun’s presence• Invocation of the Sun’s presence
• Guidance and messages from Spiritual Medium Denise Atkinson*
• Messages contemplated by a meditation led by Agneta and Denise•
• Shamanic Meditation Journey led by Agneta


*Individual guided messages are not guaranteed, since based on the size of participants.

For more information, check out Denise and Agneta!

and please explore while you are here.


Check the below endorsements of Agneta’s Moon’s Nodes book:
“A jewel of a book on the mysterious Nodes of the Moon … Borstein wisely incorporates both the Western and Hindu perspectives, giving this book a well-rounded, satisfying look at a subject that has been in the dark for too long.” – N.C.G.R, Geocosmic Journal

“Agneta Borstein beautifully captures the complexity of the Dragon’s Head and Tail – from its rich mythology to its modern interpretation as soul indicator – and does so in a way that is fine-tuned and detailed, and completely accessible to everyone.” – Ronnie Gale Dryer, author of Vedic Astrology, Venus, and Healing Sign.”

“This is not a cookbook but a content-rich exploration of the possible life lessons and meanings inherent in nodal placements.”

—Dell Horoscope.

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