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Agneta, an enthusiastic devotee of Life is a professional astrologer, shamanic practitioner, lecturer, teacher, and workshop facilitator.

After many years as a professional astrologer, Agneta merged her education in Advanced Shamanism and Advanced Healing from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies into her private practice, writing, workshops, and lectures with her AstroShamanic approach. She presents and lectures on this concept for astrology groups as well as alternative healing centers.

Solstices, Equinox, Full, and New Moon events have been presented by Agneta for many years. Her latest lecture and workshop include, “How Loud Will the Gods Speak?” where she explores current planetary movements lasting from 2012 through 2026. During workshops or lectures, Agneta often invites the audience to participate in meditation, chanting, or journeying.

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Just Another Year?

2020 Brings Transitional Challenges And Opportunities

Natural Awakenings  – Hartford

by Agneta Borstein

Apr 23, 2020 

The start of 2020 has certainly been intense. We observe three major cycles throughout this year: first, the meeting of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is a 33- to 38-year cycle, which began late 2018, setting the stage for 2020 and making its effect known in January. Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, timing, as well as control and government, rules matters of structure down to our teeth and bones. Pluto represents that which must be endured, harsh realities of separation, down to the terrifying word,

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Fire Element, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Earth Element, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Element, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 
Water Element, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Personal Planets
Mercury, Venus, Mars
Interpersonal and Outer Planets
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

What people are saying about the Moon’s Nodes

by Agneta Borstein

“A jewel of a book on the mysterious Nodes of the Moon … Borstein wisely incorporates both the Western and Hindu perspectives, giving this book a well-rounded, satisfying look at a subject that has been in the dark for too long.”
– N.C.G.R, Geocosmic Journal

“Agneta Borstein beautifully captures the complexity of the Dragon’s Head and Tail – from its rich mythology to its modern interpretation as soul indicator – and does so in a way that is fine-tuned and detailed, and completely accessible to everyone.”
– Ronnie Gale Dryer, author of Vedic Astrology, Venus, and Healing Sign

“This is not a cookbook but a content-rich exploration of the possible life lessons and meanings inherent in nodal placements.”
—Dell Horoscope.

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Zodiac Transits for 2020

Zodiac Transits for 2020

©Agneta Borstein— For those familiar with your natal birth chart, the following individual zodiac transits for 2020 can be applied to your sun, moon, ascendant or any other point of significance in your astrological chart. The term “retrograde” is used in the zodiac...

And the Winner Is

And the Winner Is

I stopped by the roadside on our way to the ancient runes of Coba, Yucatan, Mexico and bought this rather small, yet strong wooden carved statue. A young boy sat and painted some other sculptures and I asked if he had created this interesting hand carved piece of art. His proud, and innocent sweet smile said, “Si, senorita”, and of course I had to buy it …



On October 9, 2012, around 8:30 in the morning, Malala Yousatzai was on her way to school in her hometown, Mingora, Pakistan. Taliban terrorists specifically seeking her out, got on the bus she was riding and shot her point-blank in the head.

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