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Astrologer with a Shamanic Twist



Sky Gods in Council©

By Agneta Borstein

The impression of a gathering is manifested somewhere in the mass-consciousness of all existing matters throughout the entire Universe; in every particle of the Animal and Mineral Kingdom, as well as all of Humanity. The understanding that the Sky Gods reside within all stages of consciousness on Earth, as well as in the Sky with its never-ending-growth and transparent understanding that ‘One is All – All is One’ has now become Universal!  Within this mass consciousness, a seemingly light blue color, gleaming star-like energy surrounds those who might listen to this conversation.

The Gods Uranus and Pluto are the main voices, and Neptune will eventually join in this Council. Uranus and Pluto had encountered each other in the 1930’s and 1960’s; to be reunited again in 2012 staying together until March of 2015. And with the cataclysmic and metamorphic challenges in the 21st Century, the Power Gods continues to show their true personality in the approaching Era, often defined as a New Age. These metamorphic cycles lasting through 2024 and 2026 has mandated the Gods into Council to speak of this crucial phase… take a listen!

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Agneta produces and hosts a regular show—From Sky to Earth— on Nutmeg TV Community Television. View some of her most recent shows under the Video link.

After many years as a Professional Astrologer, Agneta merged her education in Advanced Shamanism and Advanced Healing, from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, into her private practice, workshops, and lectures with her AstroShamanic approach. She is a past president of the Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc. Borstein was the sole proprietor of Agneta’s Books & Things, an alternative bookstore for over twenty years. Her commitment to her inner search for the Self has allowed her life to unfold with a balanced personal life as a wife, mother of three children, and a proud Nana!

The Moon’s Nodes – Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind, written by Agneta, show her vast knowledge of the Moon’s Nodes, and the connection to a deeper sense of the Astrological Birth Chart, which allows an individual to integrate their daily living with practical, as well as spiritual applications. The Soul and Spirit have the opportunity to merge during a lifetime with unlimited potentials for success, happiness, and Love for Life.

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Check the below endorsements of Agneta’s Moon’s Nodes book:
“A jewel of a book on the mysterious Nodes of the Moon … Borstein wisely incorporates both the Western and Hindu perspectives, giving this book a well-rounded, satisfying look at a subject that has been in the dark for too long.” – N.C.G.R, Geocosmic Journal

“Agneta Borstein beautifully captures the complexity of the Dragon’s Head and Tail – from its rich mythology to its modern interpretation as soul indicator – and does so in a way that is fine-tuned and detailed, and completely accessible to everyone.” – Ronnie Gale Dryer, author of Vedic Astrology, Venus, and Healing Sign.”

“This is not a cookbook but a content-rich exploration of the possible life lessons and meanings inherent in nodal placements.”

—Dell Horoscope.



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