Astrological Consultations


Agneta’s approach during an astrological exploration is to empower the individual to understand their Natal Birth Chart. As we approach a natal chart, our individual consciousness changes according to personal evolution, healing, and growth. There are endless opportunities of embracing our current understanding of the past, and crucial to merge with the current time and situation.

1 ½ hours – Initial Consultation:    $195

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95The Natal Birth Chart and its patterns change according to planetary cycles. During times of making important decisions, or a crisis time, as well as spiritual, or psychological exploration, his or her chart can be supportive and practical. A yearly update or Transit Consultation gives a chance to better anticipate upcoming challenges that we may intuitively sense and need further advice on. Our focus is on personal, business, relationships, family, or spiritual matters.

1 hour – update or transit reading $195.00


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An in-depth comparison of the chart of two people, or a larger group, show the potential benefits or challenge of a partnership or union. A synastry chart consultation will reveal rich clues as to the meaning of any relationship, including matters of karma and past lives. Birth times are required for all involved.

1 ½ hours- $200.00
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