Shamanic Explorationss


When an individual decides that healing needs to be explored or that he or she needs to release traumatic (or forgotten) memories, Shamanic traditions can be a step toward that healing. What occurs during a session? The Shamanic Practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness, trusting his or her Power Animal and Teacher to show the way to the client’s concern. An exchange of energy occurs, through various rituals, the practitioner will relate this information to the client. The healing starts to take place!

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 During a process of Shamanic exploration, the individual will be reunited with their Spirit Animal, Teacher, or Guide. This ritual will allow a sense of power, spiritual awareness, and many practical applications coming into the client’s life.

1 hour – $150

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This is a traditional technique involving a journey to identify a foreign element in the client’s subconscious memory. The memories or intrusions will be removed in a caring and careful manner, leaving a clearer path for healing to occur. – $110

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An in-depth comparison of the chart of two people, or a larger group, show the potential benefits or challenge of a partnership. 

During a trauma or crisis, a ‘Soul Loss’ can occur, and a sense of depression or loss of memory, and uncomfortable feelings might not be understood. During the Soul Retrieval, the Shamanic Practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness and travels with his or hers Guides to identify the layers of lost parts of the Soul. An exchange occurs through a ritual and new sense of Soul is brought back to the client. $195.

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The timing of a special event such as preparation for a wedding, the opening of a business, or the extraction of an intrusion in a home is a potent way of acknowledging the Spirit World. The timing of such occasions plays an important role in the combination of Astrology and Shamanism. We look to the Sky and grow with our Soul’s involvement during significant times and gain success through a ritual in our lives on earth.

1 hour – $110

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