Agneta Borstein

Agneta Borstein, an enthusiastic devotee of Life is a professional astrologer, shamanic practitioner, lecturer, teacher, and workshop facilitator.

After many years as a professional astrologer Agneta merged her education in Advanced Shamanism and Advanced Healing from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies into her private practice, writing, workshops and lectures with her AstroShamanic approach. She presents and lectures on this concept for astrology groups as well as alternative healing centers.

Solstices, Equinox, Full and New Moon events has been presented by Agneta for many years. Her latest lecture and workshop include, “How Loud Will the Gods Speak?” where she explores current planetary movements lasting from 2012 through 2026. During workshops or lectures, Agneta often invites the audience to participate in meditation, chanting, or journeying.

When astrology takes the center stage, which it often does, Agneta translates this ancient art into a modern language. Her natal chart interpretations, transit observation, relationship and business consultations attest to over 30-years as an astrologer in private practice.

She believes that our success in life shows through our personal involvement with our inner commitment to any spiritual path. Agneta’s Sadhana began in 1976, Malmö, Sweden, where she encountered The Siddha Yoga Meditation, spent time in Ganeshpuri, India and South Fallsburg, New York for extended periods. She balances her busy healing practice with a magnificent life as a wife, mother of three diverse children, and a proud Nana!

Agneta Borstein, born in Sweden moved to the United States in 1977. She incorporated her BA in business with metaphysics through a successful alternative bookstore for twenty-one years. Agneta obtained a degree as a Draftswomen from Sweden, allowing math and space become an integrated part of her views and implementations between alternative and practical consultations. She has been a member of the Astrological Society of CT, for 40 years, most of that time as an active Board Member.