Painted in 1979…

Painted in 1979…

Believe I painted this in 1979…

This painting was created many years ago… You will notice symbols from various religions. My impression from Spirit was and still is, that we are but one within. Our New world attempts to separate humanity, millions are forced into Exodus, often drowning in the escape. Our new reality is also the force of terror manifested throughout our Earth.

Our freedom to explore the world and to grow in a changing society still remains in my heart that we come from one Source, one Spirit and one God … and I continue my prayers that one day there will no wars separating mother’s from their children, as the fathers go to war. We are bonded together with the same hearts within.

So, ‘what was I thinking’? My feelings grow stronger within me as I observe the separation of Humanity since, I still have my dreams, and Spirit gives me Hope!



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