On October 9, 2012, around 8:30 in the morning, Malala Yousatzai was on her way to school in her hometown, Mingora, Pakistan. Taliban terrorists specifically seeking her out, got on the bus she was riding and shot her point-blank in the head. Because she wanted to go to school. On that October day when her life would change forever, the Sun in Libra was close to a Moon/Mars conjunction which also opposed Saturn in Aries. Saturn is often associated with controlled situations and as it has been noted, Malala is getting stronger in her words toward her fight for fairness for all children in the world to be able to attend school. Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio is also present in this chart, and the Karmic North Node is involved here as well which becomes a symbol of the vulnerability of life itself. Mercury squared her natal Mercury in …. Which must also have given her extra strength to survive this attack, not without tremendous suffering.

In one of my previous Newsletters, I wrote that “we will hear from her again”, and we did. We followed her brave recovery and her becoming a spokesperson for the Right if Education for all children. She now lives in England where she has, the right to attend school. I was not surprised when she won the Norwegian Peace for Humanitarian Action in October of 2014.

Her natal chart shows her Sun in Cancer with her personal planets, Mercury and Venus in Leo showing a tender voice with a leader’s capacity to be heard. Jupiter opposes these two planets and allows her to grow with her innate desire for education for all. Her natal revolutionary Uranus is in exact opposition to Mercury, reinforcing her personal, strong, and individual opinions. Malala’s Moon is placed in Libra, the sign for the ultimate peace seeker. The warrior, Mars is placed vulnerable close to her Moon. An honest interpretation, there is always the possibility of anger, danger, accident, and sudden changes directed toward her. However, there is also strength with a Moon/Mars conjunction with the ability for ‘courageous, inspiration, and motivator in her. Her inner Soul, the Moon, and her Mars, the fighter within her carried he through her many operations and continued healing after that bus ride when she was only on her to school!

Malala is safe now as she continues to spread her words of fairness! As of 2014, she is the youngest individual to have received the Nobel Peace Prize.
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