©2020 Agneta Borstein

The impression of a gathering is manifested somewhere in the mass-consciousness of all existing matters throughout the entire Universe; in every particle of the Animal and Mineral Kingdom, as well as all of Humanity. The understanding that the Sky Gods reside within all stages of consciousness on Earth, as well as in the Sky with its never-ending-growth and transparent understanding that ‘One is All – All is One’ has now become Universal!  Within this mass consciousness, a seemingly light blue color, gleaming star-like energy surrounds those who might listen to this conversation.

The Gods Uranus and Pluto are the main voices, and Neptune will eventually join in this Council. Uranus and Pluto had encountered each other in the 1930’s and 1960’s; to be reunited again in 2012 staying together until March of 2015. And with the cataclysmic and metamorphic challenges in the 21st Century, the Power Gods continues to show their true personality in the approaching Era, often defined as a New Age. These   metamorphic cycles lasting through 2024 and 2026 has mandated the Gods into Council to speak of this crucial phase… take a listen!   

Uranus, the cataclysmic, revolutionary, unpredictable, freedom-seeker, and liberated God embodied in a rapid cyber-time-scientific fluctuation needed to have a ‘man-to-man’ talk with his buddy, Pluto. Even though different in personalities, both are aware of their own unique, and powerful manifestations in the last few years, impacting the world. Manifestations that have affected the lives of millions of individuals on political, social, ecological, economic, and religions concerns will continue to impact all concerned.

As Uranus governs revolution, and uniqueness, Pluto ‘s manifestations come from the deep dark abyss of the Under-World. Persephone, whom he kidnapped, is forced into the dark and cold earth, and is subject to harsh survival methods that she rather not endure. In the darkness, Pluto and Persephone taught each other how to survive within a broken structure, just as the Globe was to be rebuilt with an altered foundation, and a re-built vision was to sustain a New World. When Spring return from the dark winter months, the safe promise of the re-union of Ceres and her daughter, secure the promise of their wisdom gained for Humanity to have hope of their continued existence!  Ceres represents gardening methods, agriculture, and nutritional awareness, and Persephone, with Pluto’s necessary metamorphic eagle-eye always observing, demanding, giving the alternative seeking individual the knowledge and faith of the future!

Pluto spoke to Uranus: “Before I entered Capricorn in 2008, the attention to world hunger, unstable global economic shifts, and modifications in agriculture was minimal. The controversial connotations of Global Warming were considered ‘mumbo-jumbo’; I now surrender to the suggestion that the Earth is getting hotter, and the Oceans are raising, so, that’s when I feel that my job – if you will  ̶  is understood and heard by most human beings, the truth hurts”.

Uranus, who loves to interrupt, eagerly raises his often-provocative opinion, “but because of me the scientists are coming up with Global solutions, controversial discussions are necessary, confrontational, and speculative, it makes people listen. And, I know that 2019 will be crucial for me”, Uranus smiles!

Pluto continues: “Well, I have been in the news lately, did you see my Heart image on the photo that the American spacecraft, New Horizon, sent to the Earthlings? I thrive on the attention that I am getting since the scientific authorities continue to demote and promote my status as a planet to a planetoid/dwarf mass. It is an honor to be part of influential energy that truly represents metamorphic challenges, combined with the ancient planetary myths and their God and Goddesses fables. Uranus, I can’t die, or go away since I govern death and transition itself”.

 Uranus said: “I know that we both have forceful messages and images to deliver to Humanity and that the future is in the hands of … us? You and I, Pluto, will start to separate during 2016, if ever so slowly, but we know that the damage that we create this time around will go down in history. We also know that we are not finished with this Journey, until 2024 and 2026 …”

Pluto responded: “Yes I know”, and he bows down his head as if he was ashamed of the catastrophic results he had manifested in the last few years. He has known within his own psyche that he carries the Tarot symbol of the Hermit, true loneliness. Once Pluto endured the first part of his Journey through Capricorn in 2012, some sources suggested that it would be the end of the World; not so, even though millions of refugees and migrants were forced to leave their lands due to droughts, economic disasters, and devastating wars. Yet, at the same time, millions of individuals are realizing and implementing innovative, progressive ways of living, mass consciousness is manifesting toward a simplistic way of surviving.

Uranus calls out to Pluto: “Get out from that under-ground-stinky-dreadful-abode of yours!”

Pluto replies: “I wish that I was further along the path on the Ecliptic, but during 2017 and for a few years to follow, I will still be ‘down-under’ in 20º through 24º of Capricorn … through my first phase, 1º through 10º degrees from 2008 through 2013, humanity learned the necessary first lessons of a new way of surviving. The next phase will be the integration coming together of world governments, Spiritual institutions, and enlightened alternative seeking individuals bringing forth their true Dharma. I must continue my path of destructions as well as my re-constructions until 2024, sorry to say …”

Pluto continues: “And, in 2019, when you, my friend Uranus, move forward into Taurus, human beings will welcome the revolutionary scientific discoveries implemented into their daily lives. You, Uranus, while in Taurus will manifest solutions of pressing environmental and agricultural concerns, issues like the disappearance of bees, the use of GMOs, and the biggie World hunger. But also, you will expose the crucial social issue of basic health care, access to water, and worldwide human trafficking. Humanity will force World Governments to the point of right awareness for integration of the Earthly solutions – as some countries are still trapped continuing destroying their own lands”.

Pluto emphasizing: “I will continue traveling in Capricorn until 2024, still forcing issues of survival and metamorphic challenges, but there will be tremendous applications of tools for healing during these years. During 2020, the faster moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will join me in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of structure and governments, which will force issues to the surface. Earth herself, with the support from Ceres and Persephone will make my presence known through this second phase with necessary purging, cleaning, and clearing for a brighter future. Concerns of droughts in many parts of the World will enforce new infrastructures: this second phase, and movement toward the third phase (20 through 30 degrees) will usher in positive, radical and revolutionary forces – because it is crucial for survival. This will allow increasingly enlightened, light-healers and conscious individuals around the World to continue to bring the polarity and the balance of Male/Female, Father/Mother, Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang, Dark/Light, and Black/White into a balanced and stable new society”.

A soft wave of a blue shimmering water has quietly entered the star-like and illuminated energy field surrounding Uranus and Pluto. Neptune, the Planet that is the Waters, has been listening and contemplating the honest observations and words of wisdom exchanged between the two radical planets, and couldn’t resist entering the conversation.

Neptune spoke softly: “I have observed the tremendous shift in political, ecological, social, economic, and spiritual matters the last few years, and I have to confess that I also have played a crucial part of the necessary confrontations between reality and fiction that is being noticed throughout the World. I had to show my involvement in purifying my own dissolving element of Water … everywhere down to my own planetary blue shimmering being, and its crucial need of water for humanity and Gaia to survive. After travelling around the Ecliptic for 165 years, I came back home in Pisces in early 2011, and the attention that I have gotten in the last few years is remarkable. However, certain individuals are still not allowing the truth to be understood in relating to the disappearing of the Waters, but they will – very soon!” He gestured with his clear vision and total dignity, tapping his own crown with his staff … It seemed that he was ready to deliver the message.

Neptune continues: “The last time that I came with the force of ‘purification’ was from 1849 through 1862, then the abolitionist movement began in the United States, leading up to the US President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation Law, with anti-slavery awareness spreading to England, the opium trade became legalized, and Spiritual mediums were in vogue. Now, my natural cycle of visiting Pisces since 2011 manifested the first African/American US President, marijuana becoming legal, and doctors dispensing opioids willingly. Ancient methods of shamanic traditions, alternative medicine, mediumship with its many applications, and astrology are accepted in this new society. Crucial themes are surfacing in many corners of the world, seemingly unavoidably historical and planetary cycles insist on repeating themselves. I will demand that my very essence, Water, which is what I am made of will be purified, rectified, and not polluted with garbage anymore! I needed to increase the water-levels, intensify the force of hurricanes (even though Uranus had a bit to do with that as well) plus enormous tsunamis to make sure that I would be heard. My own Essence is purity, which is also a substantial ingredient in my persona as a Spiritual planetary force in those that embrace Spirit within. I am humbly excited to force my issues to the surface until 2026 as human beings have trashed my Waters, but are now finally attempting to clean my Soul. I do hope that Uranus will aid in the necessary technical applications!” Uranus and Pluto kept nodding their etheric substance with agreement and planetary recognition.

The three Sky Gods were aware of what was missing within their hearts, a sense of a missing part and the awareness of an absent element had become clear to them. The feeling of a cool breeze, white energy fields, and at times light-blue clouds appearing around and above them again, and the fourth cooling Element of Air speaking throughout the Sky.

With a nonchalant voice, the Element Air said: “I know that I have had no crucial planetary presence during this Cardinal shift, but Uranus will enter Gemini in 2025, and I am eager to claim some type of victory or be part of your enormous shift ending between 2024 and 2026. But, I feel it down to my core knowing my importance on every imaginary level, down to some humans walking their streets wearing masks due to polluted air. I am also extremely aware of the Alternative Consciousness that has reached high levels of millions of enlightened beings within all cultures and religions. Its Spiritual Evolution, even Spiritual Revolution with society’s understanding a deeper sense of Self. Soon, humanity will require proof of their positive efforts to live cleaner, safer and more peacefully. So, I am aware of every step that you, my fellow elemental energies, Fire, Water and Earth display through your personal powers. We don’t have to blame or debate the facts presented by scientists or those in denial. We will together observe and welcome the results coming our way – and the ‘way’ that humanity chooses to live their daily lives, incorporated in this Revolution”.

The Air element continues with yet another contemplative statement: “It has been revealed that every thought – and action becomes manifested in nature, animals, and the human species.  And, when all Earthlings understand the power of their words and actions, we will see a brighter future with cleaner Air, cleaner Water, fewer Fires, and an Earth that is restored. This ‘cleaning’ process will expectantly be implemented by 2024 and 2026. When Pluto stations in Aquarius in 2024, scientific and metaphysical integrations will reach heightened practical applications, and new survival methods accepted. As Neptune follows his path on the Ecliptic and enter Aries in Spring of 2025 – he will invite those with Faith  ̶  to understand that the ‘Heralding of a New Age’ has arrived by January of 2026. I will make sure to pay attention to the humanitarian desire for positive, pure and conscious communications”.

Neptune spoke: “Most spiritual scriptures speak about a ‘New Age’ coming forth around 2025; let’s welcome those in doubt, the radicals and extremists to the fore-front and ask them to study this ‘new way of living’. In the last few years I have observed the benefits of the ancient traditions of meditation, yoga, alternative ways of living, new discoveries in the medical field, and a re-birth of herbal remedies that are included in thousands of people’s daily routines. Innovative ways of travelling, and communicating through social media continue to allow humans to connect throughout the Globe. We are ready for a new awareness which will continue to influence the Neptunian quality in all walks of life”.

Pluto asked: “What is a Neptunian quality?”

Neptune explains: “It is that quality of simple life to surrender to the practical parts of life, realizing that Humanity is shifting in all aspects of its Spiritual belief systems. Religion is in turmoil, now as something being used to make others fearful, but I will show a new Spirit that lives within us all – and that ‘One is All – All is One’ will again manifest in our lives and our societies. Individuals will accept Spirit within and perform daily Rituals. Ancient healing modalities, often incorporated with constant updates of the Human Evolution, will resurface and become a remedy for a new conscious humanity”.

The voice of Uranus sounded excited as he spoke: “Yes, look at the new laws of acceptance of gender, race, and women’s equality issues, if ever so slow, there are still ways to truly embrace those that would be considered different. This is the Age of accepting all individuals, and it will not be fulfilled without the resistance of the opposition!!! I have always represented those that might feel differently within; the outer alone can no longer be judged for this comes from the Heart of the Creator, the One Spirit, and the God/Goddess!”

The Sky Gods Council encounter occurred around the year of 2016, and it had become a clear message to them that Crucial Global Integrations are becoming increasingly necessary and will bring tangible results beyond 2024 and 2026 that will restore faith for our future generations. The Gods merged with each other to agree that their forces during the past years, and the years to come, will bring governments around the World the honor of integrating the benefit of Global Changes, and at the same moment, a New World of challenges. With bowed heads, Uranus (Fire), Pluto (Earth), Neptune (Water), and the Element Air in this Council attempted to excuse their latest actions, but recognized that despite the intensity of their planetary influences on Humanity that they had continuously observed during thousands of years before  ̶  and now again  ̶  they maintained their faith in Humanity. The Gods knew that Humanity will thrive in a New Age, and benefit from yet another prominent Astrological Cycle.