I stopped by the roadside on our way to the ancient runes of Coba, Yucatan, Mexico, and bought this rather small, yet strong wooden carved statue. A young boy sat and painted some other sculptures and I asked if he had created this interesting hand-carved piece of art. His proud and innocent sweet smile said, “Si, senorita”, and of course I had to buy it … Who will win the battle? Jaguar, still common in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Jaguar represents Inner Knowledge. All cats are binocular, the presence in our Journeys promise rebirth. We will find and gain Wisdom and Power after darkness. Our private Maya Tour Guide at Coba, outside Cancun, assured us that Jaguar is still alive and awake during the night time in the jungle…  Snake Shedding their skin according to the season, always new layers of metamorphic realizations of what is to come. At times, death. It is always for the better as we welcome Snake into our Spiritual practices, allowing the Kundalini to raise awareness of what needs to dye, cleanse old wounds for new practical and spiritual applications to become incorporated in a new life.  Equality This sculpture allows Jaguar and Snake to become equal in power and survival. There is no one that is greater or less significant than the opportunity to protect our human rights of equality. Using an innate power of survival, and depending on circumstances, the uniformity is and shall be crucial. Political, ecological, economic, and religious, as well as spiritual observations have and will always be in opposition. The notion of equality for gender rights, women, men, race, LBGT, and animal welfare continues throughout all ages, we grow with the evolution of any time observed!