For those familiar with your natal birth chart, the following individual zodiac transits for 2020 can be applied to your sun, moon, ascendant or any other point of significance in your astrological chart.

 The term “retrograde” is used in the zodiac transit explanations. The simplified explanation of retrograde planets is that they create a movement, a loop in the sky. During any retrograde period, the focus, concentration and contemplation can benefit our minds. Contemplate on projects or decisions and execute the venture cautiously until the planets are out of this “loop” and move forward again, especially if the time is not right according to your personal chart.

ARIES: Aries will have a year of opportunities for healing with therapeutic energy, from the ultimate healer, Chiron, as the continuing focus. With karmic implications from the past and moving forward to the future, summer opens opportunities for manifestations. Mars, the planet comfortable in Aries, will endure confrontations, starting in July and become intensified as he retrogrades September 9 through mid-November13. Pay attention to aggressive driving, anger, and feeling exhausted around October 9. Standing up for personal and collective rights, martial arts, hot yoga or brisk walks are all beneficial.

TAURUS: Uranus, the planet of uncertainty, will bring circumstances of insecurity, concerns over finances and personal relationships, especially after May and for some this may linger throughout the entire year. Uranus in Taurus also opens opportunities for solid decisions that have been contemplated, knowing that it is a beneficial time to move on; new job opportunities can manifest assuring a grounded approach of manifestations. Steady and grounded energies will support the Taurus persistence for success and comfort.

GEMINI: Venus, the goddess of love, money, as well as greed, will travel in Gemini early April until August 6. She will station retrograde May 13 through June 25, pointing to uncertain financial matters; investment in homes, cars or expensive purchases should be avoided. Venus will continue to show her impact on a vulnerable stock market. Mercury will challenge Neptune around May 22; quiet, solitude and journaling become beneficial. The eclipse season of Gemini/Sagittarius begins with a Full Moon Eclipse on June 5 and will occur again on November 30 as well as December 14 in the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius. Many Geminis will notice Karma, Fate, and Destiny alter their lives during the next 19 months.

CANCER: Emotions will run high with Earth sign Capricorn still in opposition to the sensitive Water sign Cancer. A good cry is a healthy sign for all zodiac signs. Mercury station retrograde on June 18 through July 12, in Cancer, which promises family gatherings, weddings, and honesty in communications; just don’t forget to bake the cake. A week of losing keys, forgetting the iPhone and missing appointments is strong June 18 through June 25. In addition, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde end of June, natural cycles to observe and benefit from thinking twice before making crucial decisions.Cancer (sun, moon or ascendant) folks will do well by grounding their feet in any type of Earth activities.

LEO: Early Leo, especially those born July 23 through 27, will feel Saturn as an opposing force of resistance for change and hardship often brought by Saturn. This is not a risk-taking year, particularly for any type of gambling habits. No one wins, especially between August 2 and 4. There are, however, opportunities for personal financial matters by using this year to finalize goals, investigate detail timing of major decisions, manifest dreams, and using logic rather than letting ego get in the way. Five planets are retrograde during August, increasing our awareness that Saturn is about timing in our lives. Not just for Leo, but for all of us.

VIRGO: In the lingo of astrology, a trine is a connection between planets within degrees. We must become aware of them and use them accordingly, or we might miss opportunities for personal growth and success. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto still linger in Capricorn, creating a trine to Virgo as the sky pulls Uranus in Taurus into the picture as well. During the first weeks of September, six planets are retrograde, which suggests extra patience for all, not just Virgos. With caution and confidence, using opportunities on the path, Virgo will benefit by staying earthly, practical and using a detailed analytical personality. The reward is waiting.

LIBRA: Libra, the sign of love and peace, will be confronted by Mars in Aries throughout the birthday month. The promise of peace can and will be achieved when the ferocious Mars is understood as a courageous planet and not only the fighter in the ring. Construct and compose your aura and don’t destroy your surroundings. Around October 9 there is a test of patience and bravery as Pluto and Mercury challenge Mars to its core. Stand up for personal rights. Any decisions Libra is trying to make, what road to take, or what true color to wear, should be made at the beginning of September extended to mid-November, as the goal then will be clearer.

SCORPIO: During the cycle of Scorpio, Mercury and Mars overlap in retrograde. Mercury station retrograde on October 14 until November 2 in Scorpio, technically strong until November 20. Election day in the U.S., on November 3, is close to the movement of Mercury direct more than likely will bring a recount or other challenging controversies. Uranus in Taurus will reinforce the Mercury retrograde motion with opposing deals, disagreements, confusing personal Scorpio matters, as well as in the social media. Mars, still in retrograde, with its dual rulership of Aries and Scorpio, will become active during this time. There is the notion that Scorpio, naturally honest but can be hurtful, will be supported by Neptune; these are the planets that favor our true selves.

SAGITTARIUS: With the axis of Eclipses in Sagittarius/Gemini, on June 5, November 30, and December 14, Sagittarius will endure challenges with relationships, career changes, and attempts at making solid plans. Decisions can be difficult to make, but the outcome is an improved future vision. Some will change their life circumstances drastically and will learn how to let go of worn-out habits and be aware of the present moment. Contemplation and not confusion will aid in the process.

When uncertain, let it go.

CAPRICORN: The weight of Saturn, Pluto and, in addition, during 2020, Jupiter coming along makes matters such as hard work, control, depression and stress noticeable. There is success for those deserving of it, and some will benefit tremendously. That is especially true for those in charge who don’t misuse their habit of controlling others. Uranus in Earth sign Taurus invites folks to follow their daily routine, paying attention to the clock ticking will be rewarded at the end of this year. Relief will be felt from the sky at the end of December when Jupiter and Saturn finally leave Capricorn. Observe the crucial dates of April, June, and November of 2020 for personal important decisions.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter the fast traveler will be halted by restricting Saturn, which moves in and out of Capricorn and Aquarius during their 20-year cycle, to be concluded at the end of the year. Aquarius transmits the basic word of Uranus; revolution, freedom, individuality, and support of any human being’s uniqueness. They belong together, so to speak; the opportunities versus the breakdowns are the same as in 1982/83 when they last met in their natural cycle. Aquarians born between January 20 and January 24 will have great opportunities to get to know Jupiter and Saturn on extremely personal and intimate events.

PISCES: Neptune, in Pisces since 2011, reminds us about the water flowing within our bodies when tears and emotions are released. He is not only the God of Water, he is the oceans, streams, rivers, water supplies, and wells. Neptune has received plenty of attention lately. Rightfully so, the last visit with Neptune in Pisces was 1856, but that was another lifetime. Pisces in 2020 can benefit greatly by escaping to the other “worlds” at the yoga studio, the massage therapist, a walk in nature, watching movies, but do not escape with too much wine, legal or prescription drugs. The Eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius on June 5, November 30, and December 14 challenges Pisces with personal goals, plans, and relationships.


Author’s note: This article was written during the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It was not written with the intent to analyze this unfortunate situation, cause more fear, confusion or attempt to claim that astrology is the only answer. We have a notion in our language of astrology that we know something occurs, but we might not always know what side of the coin will be more noticeable. The above dates, observed with knowledge and integrity, have been observed years before this actual year of 2020. Without this devastating virus there might have been another cause of the planets speaking loud and clear, giving us opportunities to listen.